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Drugs and Laboratory Parameters

Achille Patrizio Caputi, Giuseppina Fava

Data di pubblicazione: 09/2010

ISBN: 978-88-8968-895-3

Formato: 12 x 17 cm

Pagine: 200

In inglese. Disponibile in italiano

Even if clinical and laboratory parameters can be considered as predictors for ADRs, the possibility of a drug-related variation of blood tests is seldom taken into consideration. Aim of this easy-to-read book is to help physicians in the routine interpretation of laboratory results, drawing their attention to the possibility that abnormal laboratory results may be drug-related. The book describes the most common variations (increase/decrease) of blood parameters that can be caused by drugs intake. Functions of each blood parameter are schematically reported, together with its standard blood concentration and a list of the most common disease for whose diagnosis that test is performed. Active principles are then listed, that can cause an increase or a decrease of that parameter.


Relevant to all the healthcare professionals: general practitioners, specialists, nurses, pharmacists, students

€ 25,00

Achille Patrizio Caputi
Full Professor of Pharmacology, University of Messina, Italy

Giuseppina Fava
Department of Pharmacology, University of Messina, Italy

Preface by Prof. Nicholas Moore. Department of Pharmacology, University of Bordeaux, France; and by Prof. Francesco Salvo. Department of Pharmacology, University of Messina, Italy

  • Diagnostic tests
    • Cardiovascular diseases
    • Haematologic diseases
    • Digestive diseases
    • Bone diseases
    • Flogistic diseases
    • Hypophysis in endocrine diseases
    • Parathyroide in endocrine diseases
    • Corticoadrenal diseases
    • Renal diseases
    • Endocrine gonadic diseases

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