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Pharmaceutical Market Access in Emerging Markets

Güvenç Koçkaya, Albert Wertheimer

Data di pubblicazione: 10/2016

ISBN: 978-88-97419-64-8

In english

The definition of Market Access was first reported by the World Trade Organization as “to open markets for trade and improve transparency, reciprocity, and non-discrimination in international trade”. Pharmaceutical Market Access is different and it could be defined as achieving the optimal price for a product or service and/or the maximum reimbursement for the approved target population with no restrictions on funding for the medical technology. By the way, Market Access is not only the market authorization, but it also includes overlapping activities like pricing, health technology assessment, formulary, and reimbursement. Market Access is one of the most important activities for pharmaceutical companies and emerging countries represent an important opportunity for launching new products. It was reported that the Compounded Average Growth Rate (CAGR) was 6.0% in the period 2011-2017, and expected sales exceeding 1.1 trillion USD by 2017 for emerging countries. Furthermore, CAGR 2008-2012 for recently launched pharmaceuticals were 9.8% for emerging countries and 1.5% for the top 8 developed countries. The Market Access processes in the most important emerging countries in the selected regions are defined in this book with the aim to help local experts, local government officers, headquarter managements, and everyone who want to learn more about healthcare system and health policies pathways of Market Access, mapping and structure of decision makers, challenges and catalyzers for Market Access in the emerging countries.


Payers, Manager of the Pharmaceutical Industry; Physician and Medical Students

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Güvenç Koçkaya
Health Economics and Policy Association, Ankara, Turkey

Albert Wertheimer
College of Pharmacy, Nova Southeastern University, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA

  • Preface
  • Introduction to the Market Access
  • Market Access in Asian countries Kally Wong
  • Market Access in South American Countries
  • Market Access in South Eastern Europe Countries
  • Market Access in North Eastern Europe Countries
  • Market Access in the United Arab Emirates and Selected Middle Eastern Countries
  • Market Access in Sub-Saharan Africa Countries
  • Market Access in Turkey
  • Comparing the Market Access and HTA process of Selected Countries
  • The Future of Market Access
  • Conclusions

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