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Paediatric Hypertension

Chiara Giovannozzi

Data di pubblicazione: 09/2010

ISBN: 978-88-8968-894-6

Formato: 12 x 17 cm

Pagine: 68

In inglese. Disponibile in italiano

Software incluso

The first aim of this book is to remind all paediatricians that hypertension in children does exist, and that it can be easily diagnosed and managed.

The covered topics range from the regulation of blood pressure and its assessment in children to day-to-day management. The included calculator provides a hypertension assessment software: entering data about sex, height, systolic and diastolic pressure, the program indicates the presence and severity of hypertension. On the basis of international guidelines, it further suggests the opportunity of a treatment and helps to choose the appropriate among behavioural or pharmacological alternatives.



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Chiara Giovannozzi
Pediatrician, San Lorenzo Hospital, Carmagnola (Torino), Italy

  • Definitions
  • Blood pressure measurement in children
  • Essential and secondary hypertension in children
  • Evaluation of paediatric hypertension
  • Anti-hypertensive therapies
  • Follow-up

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