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Unusual Signs and Symptoms in Internal Medicine

Vittorio Gallo

Data di pubblicazione: 09/2011

ISBN: 978-88-9741-909-9

Formato: 12 x 17 cm

Pagine: 54

In inglese. Disponibile in italiano

Despite the introduction of innovative technologies and accurate laboratory techniques, an adequate anamnesis still remains the most important tool to develop a correct diagnosis. When signs and symptoms described by the patients are unusual, the correct identification of the disease becomes a very hard challenge for the clinicians. This book aims at providing a support in the interpretation of the most unusual signs and symptoms that can be encountered in the clinical practice. Each sign is described in concise way (one sign/one page): a full description of the symptoms as experienced by the patient is given, followed by its clinical meaning, the diagnosis and therapeutic approach.

The book collects 30 unusual symptoms that could be encountered by the clinicians.


General practitioners, internists

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Vittorio Gallo
Institute of Internal Medicine, University of Torino, italy

  • An irrepressible desire to eat ice
  • A strong desire of salt
  • Onset of migraine after a high-protein meal
  • Loss of taste for cigarettes
  • Tongue pain while chewing
  • Dyspnea occuring in lateral decubitus
  • A syncope at the end of urination
  • Dark urine in the first urination of the morning
  • Onset of pain in the leg with sneezing or coughing
  • An annoying itching after a hot bath
  • Silver colour faeces
  • Rhythmic joltings and swingings of the head